The 2015/16 Season - FGCLL Champions

As a 2016 Sophmore Aj Tallagsen, Finished the season undefeated 13-0 & had 133 saves withn a HOT 69.3% Average, This is not including 2 playoff games and the Championship Game.



Coach Fitzsimons 2016

Pasco Warriors 2016 FGCLL Champs

I have nominated your son for the Top 205 Camps up in Towson, Maryland area during the summer. While the cost can be considerable the opportunity is fantastic if you are willing to make the efforts. The camp is not a bring your team type of event, each participant will run drills with college coaches on the first day and then will find out the team he will be playing on for the ensuing 2 days. each team is coached by college coaches. The event is in Maryland so the proximity to top programs is there plus the talent comes from all over the country and Canada. You may end up on a team playing with no one from the area. The skill work is great and the players you play with are all good players. Your son will need to elevate his game. 

I picked and nominated your sons because I felt they had a drive to get better and to see where lacrosse can take them. I listed all the parents on this email instead of blind copying so you can all see the talent we have for my short High School season with them. I only wish we could keep this group and others together to represent our program in the tournaments we play in. This is the cream of the crop of young talent on our high school team and it is a shame we cannot. But that is not why I nominated you child. 

You should come from the event asking you to go enroll and providing you with a login. After that it is all up to you. 

IF you can make it up to the event yourselves you will also get to see an All Star game on the third night, that will bring in the likes of Duke, Johns Hopkins , Denver and other great coaching staffs Lining up to hopefully watch your son play. 

Andrew Tallagsen FGCLL Championship Game MVP

This program is run by Bill Tierney, Tony Seaman and other great coaches. It is not to be taken lightly , but it should be enjoyed. 

Best of luck with what ever you decide. keep me posted, it is always nice to see how the boys did.

Coach Fitzsimons

About AJ Tallagsen

Position: Goalie  Height: 6'3" Weight: 215 lbs. HS Team: Pasco Warriors

Last Years Record: 9-4 GPA: 3.0 Graduation Year: 2018